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A new monument is like a blank page, waiting for a great story to be told . . . or blank canvas, anticipating the first stroke of a brush. Adding a splash of colour can accentuate an important feature in a design, imparting a special feeling or deeper meaning.

You have the option of choosing artwork and carving styles from our catalog and image library. Sunset Memorial & Stone has an extensive collection of different images and image categories ranging from religion, hobbies and wildlife to equipment or even favourite pets. If you can think of it, our design team has likely created a graphic for it; if not, our designers would be happy to make a new custom graphic for you.


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Sunset Memorial can design and engrave different languages at our customers request. Using software bundles and years of experience we can create monuments in Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian and many more. We can even reproduce Egyptian Hieroglyphics if that is what you are looking for.

Please note that due to restrictions when sandblasting there are limitations to size and detail however if the image is very detailed, laser etching may be a consideration.

Fonts are a yet another way of personalizing your monument. Our design team has a large assortment of different fonts, light weight to heavier and bolder fonts, scripty fonts or very simple sans serif fonts, depending on your preferred style and general look of the stone

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Custom Art

Add tasteful artwork which is sandblasted right on location. Looking for something that speaks to the person directly, maybe an old car, mountain scene or a favourite pastime? Our designers are experienced and adept at taking a family’s concepts and producing beautiful layouts appropriate for the chosen monument and ensuring that all artwork will reproduce beautifully when sandblasted. Existing art from our extensive library can be altered or incorporated with specific pieces to create simple, but unique artwork.

Our team of designers use current, specialized software and can take a simple photograph or graphic and convert it to personalized, sand blastable art. Proofs are created until you are completely satisfied with the layout for your loved one’s special monument or columbaria.

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Laser Etching

Sunset Memorial & Stone offers state-of-the-art laser engraving with stunning results, opening up a world of possibilities for inscribing detailed images onto memorial designs.

Laser etchings allow for a wider range of customization than sandblasted engravings. In sandblasting, there are certain standards that must be adhered to in regards to minimum line weights and text sizing. In some cases, when there is an extensive amount of text, or if the reproduction of a photograph is required, we would likely recommend the art to be lasered onto the stone’s surface. The process engraves a picture or text into the granite with photographic precision, detail and accuracy.

Lasering provides the flexibility in having smaller text and/or artwork; however, lasering also has certain criteria which must be met. For instance, they are permanent and aesthetically pleasing, but will stand out best if etched on a dark-colored granite such as Premium Black or a darker Brits.

Please be aware that because of the level of detail that can be achieved and the number of additional steps involved, lasering is more costly, as opposed to sandblasting, but definitely worthwhile if you are looking to preserve those subtle qualities in an image.

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Provide us with an image or choose one of the many pieces of laser art we have in our library, and we will make it last forever.

Please contact our Art Department if you have any questions about our sandblasting or laser etching techniques. Our qualified Sales Team can provide details on pricing and help you decide whether laser etching is the right option for you.