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Memorial Headstones, Grave Markers, Plaques & More

Sunset Memorial & Stone is unmatched in the industry and specializes in creating custom-designed memorials made from the very best granites available and respectfully crafted to your exact specifications and needs. Our memorials set the benchmark in architectural styles and features, incorporate traditional and contemporary design elements, and may include any of the accessories we carry. With over 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves in our ability to deliver professional services and quality memorials directly from our location in Calgary, Alberta.

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Our memorials come in an array of different styles of monuments, cremation memorials (columbaria), plaques and more. Looking for something a little less traditional, away from the traditional graveside burial? Check out our selection of benches, pedestals and other memorial options. Every Sunset memorial is a distinguished work of art, from special shapes to exotic granite colours, sandblasting and laser etching techniques, the perfect memorial can be conceived and created with a minimal number of steps and with ease.

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Delivered and installed, we make the process simple and worry-free. Simplicity is the honest, purest and often clearest way to express oneself. Please contact us to design a beautiful memorial to memorialize your loved ones.