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Throughout time people have created beautiful works of art to commemorate someone special or significant lives. Some of these can be seen in large parks, housed in city centers or on display at a local meeting place. Where you can also find these timeless works of art, quietly standing guard or letting the world know of a loved one who has fallen, are in cemeteries across the world. These statues are still being sculpted today as monuments and memorials to remind the world of the precious lives lost.

Our statuary come in granite, marble or bronze. Our monuments can be more traditional or very unique. We are proud of the detail and quality of our sculptures. We have an array of beautiful designs for you to choose from or we can design a unique statue that represents the memory of your loved one.

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Granite Statues

Some of the most beautiful monuments can be found with a granite angel weeping or watching over the monument. Others may be a reminder of the faith that so deeply impacted their life. Still, others can be of a cherished family member or even a favourite pet.

Granite statues, as with marble and bronze, come in a variety of sizes. Some may be used as accessories to memorials while other statues are intended to be the memorials themselves.

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Marble Statues

From solid blocks of light granite or white marble, our skilled carvers create genuine works of art — beautifully detailed lifelike structures from 24” tall to more than eight feet tall. Reconstituted marble statues are replicas of original works of art and are produced by modern technological advances in polymers and resin. This finished product is a high-quality statue with fine detail and a much greater tolerance against weathering than actual marble.


Bronze Statues

Commonly ordered as a landmark for special places such as monument parks, theme parks, markets, or historical sights, they are also found commemorating those we have lost. Bronze statues are beautiful reminders of the lives they represent, lasting memories to be shared with all who linger.

These statues are indicative of the quality and craftmanship of the products we supply. Please call us to discuss in detail your statuary needs.


Our Alternative include: